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Total Tiki Online vs. the Total Tiki app for iPhone and iPad

Total Tiki Online versus Total Tiki for iPhone & iPad

Here’s a summary of the differences between the Total Tiki Online subscription service (introduced 2022) and the Total Tiki app for iPhone & iPad (introduced 2014):

  • Total Tiki Online is web-based, and works best on laptops or tablets, but also works adequately on phones (a few features don’t translate to the small screen)
  • Total Tiki Online is independent from the Total Tiki app, and does NOT share data with it or sync with it but (NEW!) you can sync your inventory, notes and lists between them
  • Total Tiki Online contains all the recipes from the Total Tiki app (with more coming)
  • Total Tiki Online is far more data rich, including estimates of alcoholic strength, ABV, sweetness and acidity
  • Total Tiki Online has a vastly expanded keyword system for finding recipes, including by bartenders, bars, and flavors
  • Total Tiki Online can rescale recipes for your own glassware
  • Total Tiki Online can perform pour cost estimates for recipes, based on your own pricing data or aggregate pricing data (crowd sourced)
  • You can enter your own private recipes into Total Tiki Online from scratch, or customize recipes from the curated collection
  • Your recipe lists now include a quantity calculator for party planning: Total Tiki Online will estimate what quantities you need of which ingredients, based on how many servings of each drink you expect to deliver
  • Total Tiki Online provides a similar ingredient inventory system as the Total Tiki app that shows you which recipes you can make with what you have on-hand, but on Total Tiki Online, you can have more than one inventory (e.g., for separate homes, or for events)
  • Total Tiki Online provides an expanded mixological ingredient database with full access to the ingredient hierarchy
  • Total Tiki Online provides favorite, flagged and shopping lists for ingredients, not just recipes
  • Total Tiki Online provides a similar journaling feature to the one in Total Tiki for annotating recipes and tracking which drinks you’ve liked or disliked

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