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While our cup has never runneth over, neither has it physically shrunk.  Until now.  Deep-sea adventurer and tropical drink fan Koral Gabik — who is also an accomplished artist, as you can see from the portrait of the Bum he drew on the styrofoam cup pictured above — recently did some work in the Gulf […]

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Astronomers recently identified one of the components of a giant cloud of dust and gas in the Milky Way.  It’s ethyl formate, a chemical that gives raspberries their flavor.  According to The Guardian, “ethyl formate has another distinguishing characteristic:  it also smells of rum.” In other words, our galaxy is less a cosmic soup than […]

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The best ink the Beachbum has gotten lately is on the arm of Mike “Elvis”  Karnowski.  He’s currently sporting a tattoo of the symbols used in the Grog Log to indicate how a drink is made, what vessel to serve it in, and how strong it is.  Mike’s tattoo (above) describes a drink made with […]

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Our pal Kevin Allman had to evacuate his New Orleans home on the approach of Hurricane Gustav.  Pictured above is his hurricane evacuation kit.  We can only assume that the limes, sugar syrup, and cocktail shaker are buried beneath all that other stuff. For Kevin’s dispatches: BLOG OF NEW ORLEANS KEVIN ALLMAN.COM

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Environmental contamination has nothing on Malaysia’s pen-tailed tree shrews. Turns out the little guys are pretty good at polluting themselves. The shrew, which lives on alcoholic nectar from a local palm tree, “could — pound for pound – – drink the average human under the table,” according to a recent BBC News bulletin. “Despite the […]

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