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Rum, rum, rum.  Aren’t we just a teensy bit tired of reading about its resurgence by now?  Well, no.  We couldn’t be happier that our favorite dram is finally getting its due.  And not just in the press, but in cocktails too.  Here are three new rum drinks from three of our favorite European mixologists. […]

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In her new book, Lush Life:  Portraits From The Bar, self-described “saloon artist” Jill DeGroff has captured the personalities of the cocktail world — bartenders and barflies alike — in living watercolor. But she doesn’t stop there.  As you would with a well-mixed drink, Ms. DeGroff balances sweet and bitter by pairing her subjects with […]

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If you’d like to win a copy of our upcoming book, Beachbum Berry Remixed, we hereby hip you to cocktail blogger Kaiser Penguin’s new drink contest:  create an original Tiki drink, post it on his site, and you just might end up among the three winners. The Beachbum is not one of the judges (as […]

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Recently the Beachbum was invited to co-judge the first annual “Battle For The World’s Best Mai Tai,” held at the Royal Kona Resort on Hawaii’s big island.  As a rule, the Bum is not into competition.  That’s for Type A personalities, and we are Type Zzzz.  Nevertheless, we deliberated for a whole tenth of a […]

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The Beachbum always orders Rumaki at Polynesian restaurants, because no matter how many guests at his table, he invariably gets the dish to himself.  People with high cholesterol, vegetarians, and calorie-counters all recoil like vampires exposed to sunlight when they discover that Rumaki consists of water chestnut and chicken liver wrapped in bacon, skewered and […]

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