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If we had a nickel for every article that mentions us this summer … we’d have a quarter. In his “Tiki Time” article for this month’s Fine Cooking magazine, Camper English premieres the Beachbum’s new Barbary Swizzle recipe; not to be outdone, Jimi Gonzalez runs two Bum recipes in his “Mixing It Up” piece on […]

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You want to make yourself a vintage Tiki drink, but your larder is bereft of all but Bourbon, Cointreau, guava nectar, and Rose’s lime cordial.  What the hell do you do now? Don’t ask us … ask the Grogalizer. It’s an online recipe guide for Beachbum Berry’s books created by Tim “Swanky” Glazner.  The crazy […]

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Sorry Tom.  Apparently you can go home again.  The Beachbum left Los Angeles in 2006, after a lifetime of inebriated indolence there.  Indolence came easy in L.A., but it was often difficult to achieve inebriation — especially if your preferred alcohol delivery system was the cocktail. Four years ago, no bar in town seemed aware […]

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The blogosphere is atwitter over our new book, Beachbum Berry Remixed.  (We can’t tell you if Twitter is atwitter, because beachbums do not tweet.) Over at Dr. Bamboo, Craig Mrusek writes:   “Remixed combines the info from Grog Log and Intoxica! and wraps it all up with a boatload of full-color photos and illustrations. You get […]

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T.S. Eliot wrote that April is the cruelest month.  He wasn’t thinking about taxes, but you probably are.  To ease your pain (which the Bum does not feel, because one does not worry about income tax when one has no income), here are two new Tiki punches to sip while wrestling with Form 1040. First […]

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