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Last July, the Beachbum was transported to a magical place where every cocktail was a lovingly constructed medley of exotic tastes.  The place, for once, was not his drunkard’s dream, but the Mediterranean isle of Ibiza.  And the drinks were made at the inaugural session of “Beachbum Berry’s and Captain Vadrna’s Faux-Tropical Bar School,” the […]

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London bartender Rikki Brodrick spent the better part of last October’s Rumfest UK assembling a cement mixer.  The plan was to wheel it onstage to mix the world’s largest Pina Colada, but before that could happen, Rikki had to decode the inscrutable instructions and screw the machine together.  When he finally finished, with seconds to […]

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Our previous Nashville post expressed surprise at how many Music City bars make cocktails that sing.  On hearing that a new bar there called Holland House serves particularly harmonious Tiki drinks, we hopped a freight back to Nashville to check the place out. But first we had to catch up with our favorite Nashville bartender, […]

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“Do you want to see Skipper Kent’s grave?” asked Doug Miller, Kailua-Kona’s resident urban archeologist.  It was a rhetorical question.  The Beachbum tore himself away from Doug’s Tiki collection, which includes Brobdingnagian rarities scavenged from the Big Island’s shuttered postwar hotels, and jumped in Doug’s jeep.  Five minutes later we pulled into a garden estate […]

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For the Beachbum, being in the right place at the right time means being 86’d before it’s his turn to buy a round.  But now he finds himself in an even better place and time:  smack in the middle of today’s Tiki revival, which has hit just about every burg he’s stumbled into this year.  […]

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