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Well, they finally did it. They put the Bum to work. Fair enough. After 25 years of research and six books, it was time for him to stop writing about Tiki drinks .. and start serving them. Come see him at his new Tiki saloon in New Orleans, Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29, located in the […]

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While the Beachbum is not above shameless self-promotion, he’s generally too lazy to indulge in it. But now Tiki mugmaker and mixologist extraordinaire Cass Junkhauler McClure has given the Bum a shot in the arm, in the form of a tattoo on Cass’s arm (pictured above). Energized by this homage, we’ve managed to work up […]

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If you’re still wondering whether the Tiki Revival has legs, consider Black Mountain, North Carolina, where the last pop culture trend to penetrate city limits was bear-baiting. Passing through the area recently, the Beachbum entered the local Ingles supermarket in search of limes and ice.  There, just inside the door, he found a coin-operated novelty […]

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The Beachbum may not be in the chips, but at least he’s in the news. For the current issue of Saveur magazine, he wrote a five-page spread about his favorite subject:  rum.  The article also features seven cocktail recipes, both classic and contemporary, plus brand recommendations.  You can read it all here (minus the recommendations, […]

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When you’re a beach bum, Christmas presents are nothing but trouble.  Giving them is out of the question, since your pockets — assuming your swim trunks have pockets — are empty.  Receiving gifts is no easier.  You have no address, so they can’t be sent to you.  And given the unhygienic state of your person, […]

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