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While the Beachbum is not above shameless self-promotion, he’s generally too lazy to indulge in it. But now Tiki mugmaker and mixologist extraordinaire Cass Junkhauler McClure has given the Bum a shot in the arm, in the form of a tattoo on Cass’s arm (pictured above). Energized by this homage, we’ve managed to work up […]

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If you’re still wondering whether the Tiki Revival has legs, consider Black Mountain, North Carolina, where the last pop culture trend to penetrate city limits was bear-baiting. Passing through the area recently, the Beachbum entered the local Ingles supermarket in search of limes and ice.  There, just inside the door, he found a coin-operated novelty […]

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The Beachbum may not be in the chips, but at least he’s in the news. For the current issue of Saveur magazine, he wrote a five-page spread about his favorite subject:  rum.  The article also features seven cocktail recipes, both classic and contemporary, plus brand recommendations.  You can read it all here (minus the recommendations, […]

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When you’re a beach bum, Christmas presents are nothing but trouble.  Giving them is out of the question, since your pockets — assuming your swim trunks have pockets — are empty.  Receiving gifts is no easier.  You have no address, so they can’t be sent to you.  And given the unhygienic state of your person, […]

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If we had a nickel for every article that mentions us this summer … we’d have a quarter. In his “Tiki Time” article for this month’s Fine Cooking magazine, Camper English premieres the Beachbum’s new Barbary Swizzle recipe; not to be outdone, Jimi Gonzalez runs two Bum recipes in his “Mixing It Up” piece on […]

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