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The Beachbum may not be in the chips, but at least he’s in the news. For the current issue of Saveur magazine, he wrote a five-page spread about his favorite subject:  rum.  The article also features seven cocktail recipes, both classic and contemporary, plus brand recommendations.  You can read it all here (minus the recommendations, […]

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Tiki drinks and Tiki tunes are colliding all over the map these days. In Swansea, Wales, Alastair Jenkins and his surf band The Hangmen name half the tracks on their new CD after Tiki drinks, including “Singapore Slingers,”  “Shrunken Skull Stomp,” and our personal favorite, “Zombie Surf Party.” Sweden’s The Archers, another surf band that […]

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Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, Les Baxter, Yma Sumac, Bas Sheva, Korla Pandit — the gods and goddesses of midcentury exotica music have all gone to their eternal reward, but not before leaving us with a copious catalogue of Tiki tunage.  With this genre, familiarity breeds content:  we could listen to Denny’s “Afrodesia,” to take just […]

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