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“Do you want to see Skipper Kent’s grave?” asked Doug Miller, Kailua-Kona’s resident urban archeologist.  It was a rhetorical question.  The Beachbum tore himself away from Doug’s Tiki collection, which includes Brobdingnagian rarities scavenged from the Big Island’s shuttered postwar hotels, and jumped in Doug’s jeep.  Five minutes later we pulled into a garden estate […]

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For the Beachbum, being in the right place at the right time means being 86’d before it’s his turn to buy a round.  But now he finds himself in an even better place and time:  smack in the middle of today’s Tiki revival, which has hit just about every burg he’s stumbled into this year.  […]

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Seen and heard at this year’s Tales Of The Cocktail convention in New Orleans: Drink historian David Wondrich, quoting from his “Axioms Of Mixography” during a conference about vintage recipe research:  “Bartenders lie, journalists embellish, and bloggers steal embellished lies.”  He wasn’t looking at the Beachbum when he said that … was he? Cheryl Charming’s […]

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January was one long New Year’s hangover.  Having to deal with Valentine’s Day shot February all to hell.  Now here you are, three months into 2010 with nothing accomplished.  You, friend, are one of the Idlers Of March.  And you have a lot more time to kill before April, so please allow us to suggest […]

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The Bum has one thing in common with the U.S. Congress:  neither of us can get anything done.  But the denizens of the Washington, D.C., cocktail circuit appear to have the opposite problem.  They’re addicted not to alcohol, but to accomplishment. Exhibit A:  Eric Felten, author of the book How’s Your Drink?  Cocktails, Culture, and […]

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