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With what’s left of his hair turning whiter than Coco Lopez cream of coconut, it’s hard to believe there was ever a time when the Beachbum was below drinking age. But in 1974, the 16-year-old aspiring vagrant was legally barred from Tiki bars. To get his Tiki fix, he had to go to a museum. […]

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Berliners do not take their drinking lightly.  A recent week there had us sprawled in our bed at the end of every night, barely able to move.  Fortunately we had company.  Nightly from 12 to 6 a.m., a local TV station aired an unbroken closeup of a dour puppet trapped in a Sartrean void.  His […]

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Köln’s biggest tourist attraction is its cathedral.  But cathedrals hold no interest for the Beachbum:  while it is indeed impressive that Jesus turned water into wine, we prefer rum, and we’d heard that Köln’s bartenders do interesting things with it.  So our first tourist stop in Köln was a bar.  So was our second.  Come […]

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Last July, the Beachbum was transported to a magical place where every cocktail was a lovingly constructed medley of exotic tastes.  The place, for once, was not his drunkard’s dream, but the Mediterranean isle of Ibiza.  And the drinks were made at the inaugural session of “Beachbum Berry’s and Captain Vadrna’s Faux-Tropical Bar School,” the […]

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In a rare burst of energy, the Beachbum has hand-picked four of the world’s most entertaining rum authorities and brought them together, for the first and only time, to celebrate Tiki’s favorite spirit. The Rumposium — a part of the Hukilau four-day Tiki festival, June 9-12 — will be a rollicking ride down the rapids […]

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