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In her new book, Lush Life:  Portraits From The Bar, self-described “saloon artist” Jill DeGroff has captured the personalities of the cocktail world — bartenders and barflies alike — in living watercolor. But she doesn’t stop there.  As you would with a well-mixed drink, Ms. DeGroff balances sweet and bitter by pairing her subjects with […]

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One of the best bar guides we raided for Beachbum Berry’s Grog Log was a phone book-sized tome published in 1977.  Jones’ Complete Bar Guide featured a whopping 4,000 recipes, but even more impressive were the photos on the back cover.  These featured author Stan Jones (above) posed with various liquor industry reps, whose Montgomery […]

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If it weren’t for Prohibition, Tikiphiles might all be drinking gin-based concoctions. Don The Beachcomber, who in 1934 single-handedly invented both the Tiki drink and the Tiki bar at his eponymous Hollywood watering hole, found his initial creative inspiration in a gin drink: the storied Singapore Sling. He gravitated toward rum drinks largely because rum […]

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Gore Vidal once described the conservative columnist William F. Buckley as “a charming visitor from the 18th century.”  That phrase came to mind — minus the ironic malice — the first time we met Ted “Doctor Cocktail” Haigh, who struck us as a charming visitor from the 1930s. We made the Doctor’s acquaintance around 1992, […]

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It’s a good thing same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts.  Because if Mrs. Bum ever leaves us for greener pastures (and let’s face it, just about any pasture is greener than ours), we want to marry Old Mr. Boston. We’ve had a man-crush on the pleasingly plump, suavely smiling, top-hatted toff since the late 1980s, […]

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