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Köln’s biggest tourist attraction is its cathedral.  But cathedrals hold no interest for the Beachbum:  while it is indeed impressive that Jesus turned water into wine, we prefer rum, and we’d heard that Köln’s bartenders do interesting things with it.  So our first tourist stop in Köln was a bar.  So was our second.  Come […]

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Tikiphiles wear many hats, not all of them straw.  These new tropical drink recipes came to us courtesy of a novelist, a web designer, a retailer and a resaler. Joe Riley is Fine Spirits Manager at Ace Beverage, Washington D.C.’s oldest liquor store.  He’s also a regular at the downtown D.C. bar The Passenger, where […]

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The last time the Beachbum found himself in British Columbia, well-nigh ten years ago, the region’s classic Tiki bars had sailed away like Captain Cook after the Yuquot Indians refused to barter for the usual worthless trinkets.  Vancouver’s magnificent Trader Vic’s outpost (pictured above) had been razed.  The city’s other Tiki jewel, the Waldorf Hotel’s […]

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Late last year we found ourselves in Berlin’s Stagger Lee bar with our pal Don Sling.  We’d wormed our way in at closing time to sample the bar’s vaunted Stagger Lee Julep,  but bartender Konstantin “CoCo” Prochorowski (pictured above) would have none of it.  At that late hour, he wasn’t about to serve us a […]

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London bartender Rikki Brodrick spent the better part of last October’s Rumfest UK assembling a cement mixer.  The plan was to wheel it onstage to mix the world’s largest Pina Colada, but before that could happen, Rikki had to decode the inscrutable instructions and screw the machine together.  When he finally finished, with seconds to […]

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