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Recently the Beachbum was invited to the Moscow Bar Show (pictured above) to help spread Tiki in Russia. On arrival, he discovered that he was a day late and a rouble short: Tiki has already taken root in Russia. At the show we made the acquaintance of Ignat Samsona, who’s introduced Mai Tais to his […]

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Shortly after the Beachbum’s arrival in Italy, he knew he was in the right country. “Work is a sacrifice for the Romans,” said his tour guide Leo Leuci. “In Naples they don’t say ‘We’re going to work,’ they say ‘Andiamo a fatiguare’ — ‘we’re going to be tired.’” Leo is “Il Commodoro” of Rome’s Jerry […]

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Is the Tiki drink revival here to stay? We hope so, for Sten Vd Berg’s sake. Not just because he serves them at the two bars he owns in Eindhoven, but because of his new tattoo (pictured above). We know of no greater commitment to Tiki drinks than tattooing yourself with their inventor: Don The […]

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Let’s make one thing perfectly clear right up front:  we love mock speakeasies.  We love bartenders who wear bowler hats, Jerry Thomas facial hair, and sleeve garters.  Even more than the theatricality, we love the ceremony of watching a vintage cocktail being scrupulously and lovingly brought back to life before our eyes.  It’s what makes […]

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While London has a severe case of Polynesiaphilia (six Tiki bars opened there this year alone) and Hamburg, Oslo, and even Moscow show signs of infection, Barcelona has long been Europe’s most Tikified city.  And Kahala has long been it’s most Tikified bar. The Beachbum’s host during a recent Barcelona visit, Ivan “Bastardo Saffrin” Castro, […]

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