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Since Ace Frehley sang those immortal words in 1978, Exotica has has been in and out of the New York groove. The lowest blow, of course, was the closing of the storied Trader Vic’s in the Plaza Hotel. Both Stanley Kubrick and Bob Fosse were fans (Fosse took his mistresses there; Kubrick took Arthur C. […]

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Drinking played a huge part in “Papa” Hemingway’s life — and death.  But while Hemingway biographies have become a cottage industry over the years, no Hemingway scholar has seen fit to write a book on the subject (although Tom Dardis devoted a chapter to Papa’s binges in his classic 1991 treatise on alcoholic writers, The […]

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“The past is a foreign country,” L.P.Hartley famously wrote, “they do things differently there.” Thanks to two Tiki DVDs, now we can see for ourselves. A mostly silent, at times hypnotically Herzogian, compilation of amateur vacation footage from the 1950s through the 1970s, Hawaii Home Movies is an eerie experience — a video seance. Vanished […]

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Recently the Beachbum was invited to the Moscow Bar Show (pictured above) to help spread Tiki in Russia. On arrival, he discovered that he was a day late and a rouble short: Tiki has already taken root in Russia. At the show we made the acquaintance of Ignat Samsona, who’s introduced Mai Tais to his […]

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Shortly after the Beachbum’s arrival in Italy, he knew he was in the right country. “Work is a sacrifice for the Romans,” said his tour guide Leo Leuci. “In Naples they don’t say ‘We’re going to work,’ they say ‘Andiamo a fatiguare’ — ‘we’re going to be tired.’” Leo is “Il Commodoro” of Rome’s Jerry […]

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