Cass Tattoo

While the Beachbum is not above shameless self-promotion, he’s generally too lazy to indulge in it. But now Tiki mugmaker and mixologist extraordinaire Cass Junkhauler McClure has given the Bum a shot in the arm, in the form of a tattoo on Cass’s arm (pictured above).

Energized by this homage, we’ve managed to work up the gumption to post some recent press clippings about us.

First up is a New Orleans Times-Picayune pictorial of our new hut in the Crescent City, with no less than 22 photos by Dinah Rogers.  In the accompanying text, R. Stephanie Bruno heroically attempts to explain the Bum’s obsession with Bosko wall art and Mrs. Bum’s penchant for vintage Enid Collins purses.

Over at My Spilt Milk, Alex Rawls’ lively and literate website about all things New Orleans, Alex goes deep into the Zombie’s past — and the Bum’s — in an article entitled “I walked With a Zombie.”

Speaking of Zombies: In Class magazine, Ian Cameron reports on the Zombie seminar we gave last month at the Tales of the Cocktail festival in New Orleans. (So do Alexander Hanna in Intoxicology 101 and Eva Halloween in The Year of Halloween.)  In the same issue of Class, Ian recaps a second Tales seminar we did on 1970-80s drinks, a.k.a. mixology’s Dark Ages, which Anthony Rivera also writes about for The Scofflaw’s Den and Amy Zavatto for Fox News.

In the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Michael Rietmulder quotes us in his feature on the return of Tiki drinks to the Twin Cities, “Taking the Tacky out of Tiki Drinks.”

Not sick of us yet? Florida Tiki chronicler Jim “Hurricane” Hayward writes about us on his Atomic Grog site, not only in a drunken interview at the Mai-Kai but also in a story about Jim’s “Tiki Top 10” memories of this year’s Hukilau festival in Fort Lauderdale — where our “Wild West Indies” seminar made the list at number eight. Trina Sargalski of WLRN, South Florida’s National Public Radio station, also wrote about the West Indies seminar in her piece “Hukilau: 500 Years of Tropical Cocktails in Fort Lauderdale.”

After all that reading you probably need a drink. How about a Navy Grog, made with the Navy Grog Ice Cone Mold that we collaborated on with Cocktail Kingdom? Not sure? Okay then, here’s yet another thing to read: a review of the cone by Anthony Todd in The Chicagoist.


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