Well, they finally did it.  They put the Beachbum to work.  But only for one night, and for a very good cause:  to get New Yorkers sloshed on tropical drinks.  From 6 p.m. to the wee hours, the bum will join Brian “Derelict” Miller and his Tiki Pirate crew slinging slings, punches and swizzles behind the bar of Lani Kai restaurant — in a very special episode of Brian’s Tiki Mondays series.

The bum cannot guarantee he’ll get your order right, or that he’ll correctly count your change, but he is certain you’ll have a good time — especially with the musical stylings of Pablus of Florida’s Crazed Mugs, playing live on the ukulele, and grass-skirted hula girls bearing Mystery Drink bowls.  It all happens here Monday June 18.
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