If you’re still wondering whether the Tiki Revival has legs, consider Black Mountain, North Carolina, where the last pop culture trend to penetrate city limits was bear-baiting.

Passing through the area recently, the Beachbum entered the local Ingles supermarket in search of limes and ice.  There, just inside the door, he found a coin-operated novelty dispenser (pictured above) full of “Tiki jewelry.”  While there were no Tikis on any of the jewelry, the mere usage of  the word signals that Tiki has achieved full market penetration.  Hell, supermarket penetration.

In other Tiki Revival news, a recent Honolulu magazine article profiles the new Hawaiian Tiki Tribe, while Class magazine interviews a certain Tiki dipsomaniac.

Not enough shameless self-promotion for you?  Very well then, here are two new reviews of our Tiki+ iPhone app from the discerning taste-makers at the Chicagoist and the Pegu Blog.


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