Rome may not have been built in a day, but it’s got nothing on the rebuild of Tiki+.  Earlier this year our tropical drink recipe iPhone app was taken off the market so it could be retooled for iPad, a process that was supposed to take a couple of weeks.  Eight months later, it’s finally done.

We think it was worth the wait:  creator Martin Doudoroff has added some useful new bells and whistles, such as a note-taking feature and a more interactive ingredient help section, while the Bum contributed 24 additional recipes and a slew of new, hi-res drink photos and vintage menu graphics.

And all for $3.99!   To get all of the app’s recipes in book form, you’d have to spend over $45 for Beachbum Berry Remixed and Beachbum Berry’s Sippin’ Safari.  (Not that you shouldn’t also do that, of course.)

For more info on Tiki+ Version 2.0, and to order:


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