We saw a werewolf drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vic’s.  And some zombies drinking Zombies, and a goblin nursing a Mai Tai (pictured above).  They were with a large party of pirates, steampunks, Jedis, Highlanders, Orcs, Sleestaks, and various anime characters whose costumes we couldn’t make head or tail of, except for their tails.

They were all attendees of Dragon Con, a fantasy fan convention that just happened to be happening near the Atlanta Trader Vic’s the night we popped in to meet our local Polynesiac friends.

The fantasy freaks eyed the Tiki freaks with amused condescension.  In the wardrobe department, obviously we just weren’t bringing it.  It was a rare event:  for once, aloha shirts weren’t the loudest clothes in the room.

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