Beachbum Berry’s Taboo Table is no longer taboo.  Our 2004 Polynesian Pop restaurant cookbook is now officially back in print, so that you no longer have to pay extortionate eBay prices to get your hands on the book’s 45 vintage Tiki food recipes.

In the comfort of your own hut, you may now re-create such lost classics as Tiki-Tiki Chicken In Parchment, Bongo Bongo Soup, Oyster Rumaki, Fondue Polynésienne, and Mai Tai Pie.  For the alcoholically inclined, Taboo offers 16 vintage Tiki drink recipes as well.

Taboo Table is a trippy ride back in time to the days of Don The Beachcomber, Trader Vic’s and other tiki kitchens,” said Lorin Gaudin in her review.  “A unique collection of South Sea themed vintage recipes that is enhanced with an informed and informative history of tiki cuisine from the first Polynesian settlers to the last remaining Polynesian restaurants,” seconded Wisconsin Bookwatch.  “Welcome and recommended.”

And all for only $10.95.  Click here to order:


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