You want to make yourself a vintage Tiki drink, but your larder is bereft of all but Bourbon, Cointreau, guava nectar, and Rose’s lime cordial.  What the hell do you do now?

Don’t ask us … ask the Grogalizer.

It’s an online recipe guide for Beachbum Berry’s books created by Tim “Swanky” Glazner.  The crazy bastard compiled a database of every ingredient for every drink in the Grog Log, Intoxica!, Sippin’ Safari and Remixed, as well as our Tiki+ iPhone app; users simply punch in the ingredients they have on hand, and the Grogalizer responds with a list of every drink containing only those ingredients.  (It doesn’t give you the actual recipe, though.  For that you have to buy the books.)

There’s also a handy recipe rating system and comments forum, so you can share your tasting notes with other users.

“ I was working on making every drink in your books,” Swanky explained when we asked him why he went to all this trouble.  “And I had started putting an “x” on pages where I didn’t have an ingredient, like Maraschino liqueur.  I was spending more time looking for a drink I could make than on making drinks!  I decided to make the Grogalizer to manage all that in one place.  It only made sense to make it public.”

By the way, that Bourbon, Cointreau, guava, and Rose’s combo?  The Grogalizer had an answer for us:  The Happy Buddha.  User comments ranged from “Nice reason to use Buddha mugs” to “Why bother?”

To open your free Grogalizer account:


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