The blogosphere is atwitter over our new book, Beachbum Berry Remixed.  (We can’t tell you if Twitter is atwitter, because beachbums do not tweet.)

Over at Dr. Bamboo, Craig Mrusek writes:   “Remixed combines the info from Grog Log and Intoxica! and wraps it all up with a boatload of full-color photos and illustrations. You get recipes, you get history, you get anecdotes, and you get useful facts on ingredients.”

“One of the huge pillars of awesome that Remixed erects is its updated technique,” seconds Rick Stutz, a.k.a. Kaiser Penguin.  “Whether blending ice for 5 seconds or making sure to only use 6 drops of pastis, there are endless kung fu moves for the new generation.”

Rob Christopher of The Chicagoist dubs the Bum “the wacky offspring of Julia Child and The Professor from Gilligan’s Island,” quite rightly noting that “at their best, tiki drinks balance great taste with outright silliness.”  As for Remixed’s drinks:  “All told there are over 200 all-killer, no filler drink recipes included.”

Elsewhere in cyberspace, Alcademics alcohologist Camper English recounts how Remixed saved Easter, while Paul Clarke reviews the book at Serious EatsRemixed also gets a nod in Roxanne Webber’s well-written Tiki Revival article at

In the online chat room Tiki Central, hardcore tropaholics are dissecting the book with admirable thoroughness, and so far have found two flaws.  First, they miss the user-friendly spiral binding of the original Grog Log and Intoxica! TC member Leisure Master’s solution:  have Remixed spiral-bound at Kinko’s (done while you wait for around six bucks; result pictured above). Second, TC’s Arriano “went through Intoxica! and found 28 recipes missing from Remixed.”  The actual number is 20; we moved the other eight into new drink category subsets in the Grog Log section, such as “Daiquiris” and “Fog Cutters,” to make it easier to compare different versions of the same drink.  Similarly, several Grog Log recipes were reshuffled into new categories located in the Intoxica! section of Remixed, where we grouped together all Blue Drinks, Zombies, and Planter’s Punches from both books.

And those 20 Intoxica! recipes we cut altogether?  Either they were too similar to new Remixed discoveries, or they didn’t survive the vetting process.  After retesting every recipe in both books, some for the first time in ten years, we found quite a few that just didn’t hold up.   To take one example, here’s the Sweet Leilani:  1/2 ounce each banana liqueur and coffee liqueur, frappéd with 1 ounce light rum and 10 ounces crushed ice.  What the hell were we thinking when we printed that one?

For answers to this and other pressing questions, tune in to the Cocktail Nation podcast of Australia’s reining retro king, the swingin’ antipodean Koop Kooper, who interviewed the Bum for this weekend’s show:


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