January was one long New Year’s hangover.  Having to deal with Valentine’s Day shot February all to hell.  Now here you are, three months into 2010 with nothing accomplished.  You, friend, are one of the Idlers Of March.  And you have a lot more time to kill before April, so please allow us to suggest some shirking strategies.

Our first procrastination destination is idler extraordinaire Matt Robold’s Rum Dood site, which features a new Beachbum Berry interview.

Second, Saveur magazine’s current issue features a story on that temple of slack, Los Angeles’s Tiki-Ti.

Third, glorious goldbrick Doug Winship concludes a month-long series on Tiki drinks with a Grog Log review on his Pegu Blog.

Finally, allow the Beachbum to waste a half-hour of your unvaluable time this Thursday, March 11, during a live call-in radio podcast with his pal and publisher, Dan Vado.  Dan’s Club Tiki Press has published the Bum’s books since 1998, and now he’s rolling out our latest effort (for want of a better word, which we’re too lazy to look up), Beachbum Berry Remixed.  (UPDATE:  podcast archived below.)


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