cherry heering shirt ad 1969 SM

The ad above hails from 1969.  Forty years later it’s not hard to imagine a shirt company and a liqueur under the same corporate umbrella, but back then it didn’t automatically follow that all companies were owned by parent companies.  Which leads us to wonder:  If this wasn’t a synergistic crossplug, how did Cherry Heering come to be a Hathaway shirt color?

Maybe it was the eye patch.  Loss of depth perception could easily have caused this gentleman to spill a Singapore Sling on his shirt, then pause to admire the ruby red stain before reaching for a napkin.

At this late date, we will never know the true source of his inspiration.  But we would like to see more liquor and menswear pairings.  For that Old Fashioned look, may we recommend an Old Overholt Overcoat topped with a Maraschino Borsalino?  Or keep yourself warm with a Blue Curacao Blazer.  And why stop at outerwear, when you can also enjoy the comfort and support of a Crème De Banana-Hammock?

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