blue zombie

Poking around our local liquor store recently, we encountered two new products of interest.

Blurred as our vision usually is, sometimes even we can read between the lines.  For example, if an elected official spouts moralistic homilies to influence government policy, it’s a sure bet he’s cheating on his wife.  And if a bottled Zombie mix has a blue hue, we can say with confidence that we would not care for it.

Don’t take that the wrong way:  We’re not prejudiced against all cocktails of color.  Some of our best friends are Blue Hawaiians.  But a blue Zombie?  If umbrage didn’t require so much energy, we would take it.  Instead we took the photo above, so that you could get umbrageous in our stead.


On the other hand, we’re all for the Pocket Shot (pictured), 50 ml of generic gold rum that can be smuggled just about anywhere.  How many times have you been marooned at a childcentric party with nothing on offer but a glass of juice, or a can of cola?  A Pocket Shot will transform either anti-social beverage into a companionable mixer — which, in turn, will enable you to become one yourself.

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