We’ve been hearing a lot lately from people who can’t find copies of the Grog Log, Intoxica!, or Taboo Table.  Fear not, fellow fuddlers:  Help is on the way.

Our publisher plans to reprint the Grog Log and Taboo Table this summer, and in November we’ll have a new book out, Beachbum Berry Remixed, a revised and updated compendium of the Log and Intoxica! featuring 100 additional new recipes gathered from around the world.

But more on that later.  Right now we have instant gratification for you, in the form of a new Tiki Drinks app for iPhone called “Tiki+.”  (If you don’t have an iPhone, you can also run the app on a relatively cheap iPod Touch.)

The app features just about every recipe from the Grog Log, Intoxica!, and Sippin’ Safari, as well as the best drinks from Taboo Table.  (We’ve also revised and updated the recipes according to new intel that we gathered for Beachbum Berry Remixed.)

Thanks to our co-conspirator, Martin Doudoroff of Cocktail DB, the app also features scads of vintage Tiki cocktail illustrations and new drink photos, many of the latter taken by Martin himself.  (He shot the Ancient Mariner and Singapore Sling shown above.)


Martin modeled the format after his “Cocktails+” app, which gives you the ability to search recipes by ingredient, mark favorites, email recipes, and share recipes through Twitter and Facebook.  You can also browse recipes by base liquor, flavor profile, and other characteristics; the app displays measurements either in imperial units (ounces and gills) or metric units (ml and cl).  It also defines ingredients for you, and recommends substitutions.  Basically, the damn thing does everything but shake your drink.

“Tiki+” costs $3.99 and is available now from iTunes and the iPhone App Store:


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