Astronomers recently identified one of the components of a giant cloud of dust and gas in the Milky Way.  It’s ethyl formate, a chemical that gives raspberries their flavor.  According to The Guardian, “ethyl formate has another distinguishing characteristic:  it also smells of rum.”

In other words, our galaxy is less a cosmic soup than a rum punch.

To toast this discovery, here’s the recipe for a raspberry and rum drink by Rick Stutz (alias Kaiser Penguin) called the Zadaran Storm:  1 ounce fresh lime juice; 1/2 ounce each raspberry syrup, vanilla syrup, and maraschino liqueur; 2 ounces each dark Jamaican rum and chilled ginger beer; and a dash of Angostura bitters.  Put everything — except ginger beer — into a tall glass.  Fill with crushed ice, add ginger beer, and stir to chill.  Garnish with a vanilla bean.


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