Museum display

The new Museum Of The American Cocktail has it all. Well, all except decent security. How else to explain that the Beachbum was able to attend the opening ceremonies without being 86’d? Here’s his report:

When you visit (and you must visit) allow several hours to study the wonders within the beautifully lit glass cases, which house artifacts dating from the Colonial era, the Civil War, the Gilded Age, Prohibition, WWII, and the 1950s and ’60s (a time of hilarious drink-related ephemera, well-represented here; there’s enough set decoration in one glass case for a whole season of Mad Men).

Tiki is also covered thoroughly, with rare vintage mugs, bowls, menus and more from Polynesian restaurants such as Don The Beachcomber’s, the Luau, and Trader Vic’s. Our favorite touch is a very appetizing Zombie made of plastic (pictured above), a la the fake sushi typically displayed in the window of Japanese restaurants. It’s very convincing, right down to the plastic mint garnish and ice cubes.

Curator Ted “Doctor Cocktail” Haigh, who designed and installed the exhibits, had to search far and wide for a company that could manufacture such a realistic-looking Zombie (a poured-plastic Brandy Crusta, Sidecar, and other iconic drinks are also on display). That’s typical of the Doctor’s monomania about dipsomania; his attention to detail and dedication to preserving our alcoholic past have paid off with a museum that not only educates, but exhilarates. Proceed immediately.

The museum is located inside the Southern Food And Beverage Museum at the Riverwalk Mall in New Orleans. For further info:


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