The Bum is often asked why he doesn’t open his own bar. Given the amount of hard work that takes, he’ll stick to drinking in other people’s, thank you very much. Especially with people like Gromit and Morten on the bar scene. They’ve just opened a Tiki tavern in Copenhagen which they’ve named after our second book, Intoxica!, and they’re serving our drinks there to boot.

Perusing Intoxica’s colorful cocktail menu, we counted at least 14 drinks derived from recipes in the Bum books, including two of our original concoctions — the Beachbum’s Own and the Sven-Tiki.

It’s a dream come true: Gromit and Morten have done the Bum’s work for him, opening the bar he would have opened if he ever would have opened a bar. And all he had to do was the one thing he does well … nothing!

Why Intoxica? “The name we have chosen is inspired by your book and by the intoxicating world of tiki culture — the music, the fun history, the drinks, the atmosphere that means that you can’t help but feel intoxicated,” Gromit told us recently. “We didn’t include the name ‘Tiki’ in our first attempt at a Tiki bar,” he added, because “there are other beach bars around town that have no Tiki inspiration. We felt that we need to smoothly introduce the Tiki idea to Copenhagen so they understand that we are not just another beach bar.”

Gromit’s gambit has paid off: “Copenhagen is loving the tiki drinks. They still need to get used to the fact that something that can taste so great can be so dangerous, and we have had a couple of casualties. One of our guests started a Facebook page about the entertainment a volcano bowl can bring.”

Indeed. When it comes to flaming drinks, it can be a short hop from “skål” to scalded.


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