st liz label

Hallelujah, bothers and sisters: Our favorite drink ingredient, pimento liqueur, is now available domestically under the St. Elizabeth label.

Pimento liqueur is not made from that mysterious red substance stuffed into olives, but from the pimento berry, otherwise known as allspice — a case of mistaken identity that importer Haus Alpenz has solved by calling its pimento liqueur “St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram.”

The historical Saint Elizabeth was John The Baptist’s mom, and, according to Luke 1:6, “just before God, walking in all the commandments and justifications of the Lord without blame.” Her namesake liqueur is also without blame, much better than the Berry Hill brand that tropaholics have been ordering online from Jamaica at considerable expense, just so they could sample the recipes in the Bum books that call for pimento. St. Elizabeth’s is richer, spicier, and made with pot-stilled Jamaican rum instead of neutral spirits.

We’re still fond of the DYI pimento liqueur recipe on page 173 of Sippin’ Safari, but it does entail waiting months for the flavors to ripen. If you’re inclined to skip all that time and effort, instant allspice gratification is at hand now that St. Liz is in the Haus.


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