bumbot 2

The Bum has been 86’d from many a bar, but all that’s about to change. Because before you can get tossed out of a bar, you have to get into the bar. And now, thanks to tavern owners like Rufus Terrill, proprietor of O’Terrill’s Irish Pub in Atlanta, riff-raff like us can get the bum’s rush from all the way out on the street … via a security robot called the BumBot. Fashioned from an old barbecue smoker and mounted on a three-wheeled scooter, the BumBot disperses vagrants with a blast from its turret-mounted water cannon.

This causes us no immediate alarm, as O’Terrill’s doesn’t exactly serve the kind of drinks we like to cadge. But should this device ever fall into the hands of Tiki bar owners, we’ll be getting both a lot wetter and a lot drier.


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