sven & bosko

Pictured above: photographer Sven Kirsten and diorama artist Bosko Hrnjak shooting the cover of Beachbum Berry’s Grog Log, way back in April of 1998.

We’d like to thank our liver for holding out long enough to celebrate the tenth anniversary of our first book. It’s hard to believe the Grog Log was published a decade ago, and even harder to believe it’s still in print.

We never thought the book would hang around long enough to become dated, but at this point many of the ingredients it recommends are no longer available. New ingredients have come on the market as well. Over the years we’ve also found much better versions of some of the Log‘s vintage recipes (such as the Zombie), and we’ve found ourselves more than a little embarrassed by the early original efforts we included (back then, before you could Google every classic cocktail recipe ever published, we were so proud of ourselves for “creating” drinks like the Red Tide — never realizing we were re-inventing the wheel with what was basically a Bacardi Cocktail).

In short, a revised edition is long overdue. Stay tuned … the Bum may be a bum, but if anything can get him to work, it would be setting tropaholic wrongs to right.


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