lemon hart ad

We’ve been getting a lot of mail lately from Gothamites in search of the elusive Lemon Hart Demerara rum, an essential ingredient in many of the best vintage tropical drinks.

The Demerara dilemma has just been solved by New York City cocktailian Henrik Reid, who’s graciously consented to share his findings. He suggests that interested parties “make the long voyage to one of NYC’s Caribbean neighborhoods, which is in Queens (about 45 minutes from downtown Manhattan). There is a store there that sells both the 80-proof and the 151-proof Lemon Hart: F&J Wine & Liquors, 125-20 Liberty Ave, Richmond Hill, Queens, NY, 11419. Phone: 718-738-0822.” (When you get off the subway, he cautions, you will have to pass one liquor store before you get to F&J.)

Mahalo nui loa, Henrik!

UPDATE: Another of our far-flung correspondents, Daniel Beaver-Seitz, informs us that on February 10, F&J ran out of Lemon Hart. (Daniel knows this because he bought the last bottle!) He says the owner was having difficulty getting more, “but would keep trying.” With that in mind, Daniel advises calling ahead before making the trek.

For help locating Lemon Hart in other cities, we direct you to a helpful conversation on the Tiki Central chat room (link below). But don’t try writing to the address in the ad above. It’s from 1965.


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