rum cover

Remember that 1980s Spy magazine feature, “Logrolling In Our Time”? Every month, Spy would run a back-cover quote by Author A praising the latest book by Author B, followed by Author B’s back-cover quote praising the latest book by Author A. Lest we be accused of logrolling in our time, let it be known that we barely knew Wayne Curtis when we first contributed a back-cover quote to his 2006 book, And A Bottle Of Rum: A History Of The New World In Ten Cocktails. And he hadn’t even met us when he wrote the kind words that we later appropriated for the back cover of Sippin’ Safari.

But we’ve since become drinking buddies (are there any other kind?), and his book has since come out in an expanded paperback edition. So hand over that log, it’s time to roll: And A Bottle Of Rum is a must-read for all exotic drink fanciers, and a great read even if you never touch the stuff. The book tells the story of rum through the centuries with style and sweep, from its early days as the lifeblood of colonists and pirates to its heyday as the inspiration for Don The Beachcomber and Trader Vic. It’s a witty tour de force of social history, urban anthropology, and cocktail alcohology.

And we’d say that even if Wayne wasn’t buying the next round. You are buying the next round, right Wayne? Wayne? Now where the hell did he go…



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